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Our quilting services start at $0.017 per Square Inch for a Basic Meander and $0.02 per Square Inch for Edge-to-Edge.

Custom quilting requires an appointment.

Other services include: Binding, Trimming, and Squaring

We also have batting and backing fabrics available to purchase.


  1. Calculate Total Square Inches of your quilt, Width (in inches) X Length (in inches)
  2. Multiply Total Square Inches by the type of quilting, $0.017 for meander, $0.02 for edge-to-edge
  3. Add Thread Charge, approximately $5 per quilt on average

Example: 60” x 60” = 3,600 Total Square Inches; Meander Style: 3,600 Total Square Inches X $0.017 = $61.20; Add thread charge $5 = about $66.20 + Tax/Shipping

This reservation holds a spot in the specified month purchased, for the specified quilt size, and specified quilting style.

Baby Quilt: Less then 45” x 60” (or 2,700 square inches)

Kids Quilt: Less then 60” x 60” (or 3,600 square inches)

Adult Lap Quilt: Less then 65” x 78” (or 5,070 square inches)

Medium Quilt: Less then 84” x 92” (or 7,728 square inches)

Large Quilt: 102” x 98” (or 9,996 square inches)

X-Large Quilt: Anything greater then 10,000 square inches

We will contact you for specifics once you reserve your spot.

You can ship us quilts or bring them by. Please email us if you have any questions:

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